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4 Must-Read Health IT Blogs from Cerner Middle East

Published on 7/26/2017

Health care issues extend beyond the four walls of a hospital and in some cases, across oceans. Here, we've rounded up four can't-miss thought leadership blogs from Cerner Middle East that address some of the health IT industry's hottest topics.

1. Alert Fatigue: Cause and Effect

We live in a world of alerts. They pop up on our smartphones and smartwatches. Little windows blink on our computer when we get a new email or remind us about a meeting we're about to be late for. When we drive, we're bombarded with signage, changing traffic lights and jarring sounds. Sometimes, the abundance of these alerts can overwhelm our senses and exhaust us.

For clinical staff, there's a whole other set of alerts the ones tied to a patient's electronic health record. The sheer volume and frequency of these alerts often lead to alert fatigue, when clinicians become desensitized and stop responding to them. The safety implications for this are alarming.

In this blog, Dr. Nader Elshehabi, senior consultant for Clinical Transformations at Cerner Middle East and Africa, explores the cause and effect of alert fatigue and what clinicians can do to prevent it.

2. Preparing for Health Care Cybersecurity Threats

If you ask Jim Massey, a five-year veteran with the Health Care Advisory Practice at Cerner Middle East, the only really secure system is one that is never used.

He's got a point, but health care organizations have invested too much in critical technology to let it gather dust. As the modern security landscape continues to evolve, organizations must increasingly consider a range of strategic and operational demands.

In this blog, learn how health care organizations can prepare for both internal and external cybersecurity threats and stay ahead of cyberattacks.

3. The Year of Becoming a Newbie Again

There is nothing permanent except change. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus wrote that in the fourth century B.C., and it's as true today as it was then.

As human beings, we're always looking for something better, something to improve our lives. This explains our long-term love affair with information technology (IT) and why it's constantly changing. These days, it doesn't matter how long you have been using an application or tool the automatic and often endless upgrades make us all newbies.

In this blog, Dr. Colin Fincham, senior director and chief medical officer for Cerner Middle East and Africa, discusses this ever-evolving landscape of IT and why being a newbie might not be a bad thing.

4. Managing Personal Health Like Personal Finances

Sometimes, financial health is easier to commit to than physical health. There are countless apps to help us manage our money and keep us financially healthy. The financial world has also been marked by change as systems have moved from paper to open and connected. A similar evolution is happening in health care today.

In this blog, Eric Engman, senior director and general manager for Cerner Middle East, discusses the parallels between the financial and health care industries as shifting consumer behavior patterns are driving change.

Do you want more health IT insights? Download Perspectives, Cerner's thought leadership publication.