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5 Ways to Get the Scoop on CommonWell, Care quality and TEFCA During #CHC18

Published on 10/4/2018

Interoperability and the ability to share and exchange vital information between health care providers is a key and fundamental element of successful care coordination. From how it is defined to how it is measured, everyone seems to have an opinion. At Cerner, we believe health data should be accessible to individuals at any time, regardless of where they received care, who gave them that care or in what electronic software system their care was logged. 

At #CHC18, Cerner is committed to showcasing what true interoperability looks like. No better example of that than with our commitment to CommonWell Health Alliance. As you plot your schedule, make sure to include the following:

#1 CommonWell and Care quality connect on stage

In August, CommonWell Health Alliance Executive Director Jitin Asnaani shared an update on the CommonWell collaboration with Care quality, including: 

  • CommonWell has met all Care quality requirements to move into production. 
  • Greenway Health and Cerner have a handful of initial providers live on the connection, allowing us to validate and benchmark the CommonWell-Care quality Connection.
  • The initial rollout continues to go well. In the first two months, CommonWell-enabled providers bilaterally exchanged more than 78,000 documents with Care quality-enabled providers.  

Jitin, along with Dave Cassel, Vice President of Care quality, are co-headlining “Powering Nationwide Exchange Through the CommonWell and Care quality Collaboration.” Look for both leaders to share their experiences working through this initiative.

Session: Powering Nationwide Exchange Through the CommonWell and Care quality Collaboration
When: Wednesday, October 10 at 11a.m.
Where: Download the Cerner Events app for the latest room assignment. 

#2 Pilots take flight 

Diligent work has been done by both CommonWell and Care quality as well as CommonWell members and Care quality implementers since the December 2016 announcement. Earlier this year, CommonWell completed testing with Care quality implementers and selected provider sites in various markets to pilot the connection. Discover how two Cerner clients navigated the new CommonWell-Care quality connection and hear about their lessons learned along the way.

Session: Connecting Your Organization to CommonWell and Care quality for Near-Universal Exchange
When: Tuesday, October 9 at 11a.m.
Where: Download the Cerner Events app for the latest room assignment. 

#3 TEFCA and Information Blocking

The Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) is likely going to impact the health care industry in a positive way over the long run. Join interoperability experts from within Cerner and outside of Cerner to understand the current state of interoperability and how recent changes may impact the industry over the next several years. The panelists will discuss interoperability impacts related to information blocking and how organizations can prepare for success now and in the future.

Session: Interoperability and Information Blocking: Where Are We Going From Here?
When: Tuesday, October 9 at 11a.m.
Where: Download the Cerner Events app for the latest room assignment.

#4 In-person support

After attending these recommended sessions, take a walk through the Solutions Gallery and see the solutions in action. During the four days of #CHC18, attendees will have the opportunity to explore the Solutions Gallery and access tours showing workflows based on real-life scenarios, including CommonWell. Cerner associates will be on hand to answer questions in the orange zone on the Solutions Gallery floor.

Where: Solutions Gallery Orange Zone

#5 Must-follow Twitter accounts 

CommonWell and Care quality will be a hot topic this year. For the latest information, including key insights from industry leaders, consider following and engaging with these Twitter accounts: 

  • CommonWell Health Alliance – @CommonWell
  • Jitin Asnaani, CommonWell Executive Director – @jitin
  • Kashif Rathore, Cerner Vice President of Interoperability – @k_rathore

For more Cerner news and health IT insights, and to keep current on all the happenings at #CHC18, make sure you're following us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.