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6 Interoperability Podcasts You Can’t Miss

Published on 7/31/2017

Creating and implementing a comprehensive set of standards to exchange health data continues to be one of the greatest challenges the industry faces. Whether you are new to interoperability, or you're just looking for a refresher course on what it means in the health IT industry, here are six related podcast episodes you can't miss.

1. Putting Health IT Interoperability into Action at CommonWell

Jitin Asnaani, Executive Director, CommonWell

Kyle Murphy, Senior Director of Editorial, EHR Intelligence

In this podcast from EHR Intelligence, Jitin Asnaani sits down with Kyle Murphy of EHR Intelligence, one of the leading publications in the health IT industry, to discuss the industry's initiative to operationalize interoperability.

We now have our eyes set on providing care to individuals even before they know they need it. That'll be where we're really trying to bend the cost curve on American healthcare.

2. Grahame Grieve on FHIR and Aggregating Health Data

Grahame Grieve, Architect-Developer, HL7

As one of the architect-developers for HL7's FHIR specifications, Graham Grieve is among the industry's leading experts on EHR data exchange. On this episode, he provides a global view on the impact of FHIR standards on interoperability.

There's lots of issues with changing the health care system, it's not just about the standard. But I always saw the standard as an enabler. Without a standard to create the network effects, there's no possibility of cultural change.

3. Steve Rushing Discusses Health Care's Triple Aim

Steve Rushing, Senior Strategic Advisor, Health Extension Services, ei2, Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech's Steve Rushing joined The Cerner Podcast to discuss health care's Triple aim of improving the patient experience, improving the health of populations and reducing the cost of health care as they relate to education, research and commercialization of developing solutions.

We really are at this tipping point, and it's not just about the technology. It's actually the fulfillment that we can change the experience of health care.

4. Dr. Charles Jaffe on Barriers and Trends in Interoperability

Dr. Charles Jaffe, CEO, HL7

After nearly four decades in the health care IT industry, Charles Jaffe serves as CEO of HL7, an organization dedicated to providing a comprehensive framework and standards for the exchange, integration, sharing and retrieval of electronic health information.

The challenge has always been the focus on the value of interoperability. The value has been identified, not only by the regulations that are impacting health care, but also by the collaboration amongst the providers, the patients and the health care systems. They realize that data exchange is so fundamental to the care we give our patients.

5. Hans Buitendijk on Standards Maturity

Hans Buitendijk, M.Sc., Director of Interoperability, Cerner Corporation

Joyce Sensmeier, Vice President for Informatics, HIMSS

Hans Buitendijk is a leading voice on the topic of standards maturity in health care IT. On this episode of the HIMSS I&S Podcast, he discusses the status of interoperability standards adoption and implementation.

We need to recognize that in interoperability it takes at least two to tango, and exponentially more as the number of exchange actors increases and as more partners are involved.

To listen to this podcast, go here.

6. Jitin Asnaani Discusses the Current State of Interoperability

Jitin Asnaani, Executive Director, CommonWell

In our inaugural podcast episode, Jitin Asnaani of CommonWell Health Alliance examines the current state of interoperability and addresses the challenges that he faces as he looks towards the future of health care.

"In trying to manage a patient's care, as you've gone further and further away from one integrated location for your care, the spaces between the care locations have become just as important as the care locations themselves. Interoperability helps tie that fabric together."