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A commitment to workplace diversity and inclusion

Published on 9/18/2019

As a global health IT company, Cerner contributes to the health and care of people from all corners of the world. To be successful in our mission of relentlessly seeking breakthrough innovation that will shape tomorrow’s health care, we need to foster a work environment where associates of all cultures, backgrounds and viewpoints are able to bring their best selves to work and unleash their full potential.

Research shows that diversity and inclusion increase creativity and innovation, promote higher quality decisions, and enhance economic growth. As we continue to adjust Cerner’s business model to increase effectiveness and efficiency, and position the company for sustainable growth, we will also intentionally define and reinforce the culture needed for continued success.

Recently, I had the honor of signing the CEO Action Pledge for Diversity and Inclusion on behalf of Cerner. In doing so, we have joined the list of more than 700 other companies who are committed to advancing diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

 By signing the Pledge, we are committing to the following:

  1. We will continue to make our workplaces trusting places to have complex, and sometimes difficult, conversations about diversity and inclusion.
  2. We will implement and expand unconscious bias education.
  3. We will share best—and unsuccessful—practices.
  4. We will create and share strategic inclusion and diversity plans with our board of directors.

As we continue to transform both our company and our culture, we’ll benefit from a diverse and inclusive workforce of highly engaged Cerner associates and leaders whose ideas and contributions are influenced by their unique backgrounds, cultures and life experiences. This pledge follows our recent establishment of a Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Office and the appointment of a Senior D&I Director and represents another important step we’re taking to intentionally define and reinforce the culture we need to be successful in our next stage of growth.