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Ep. 179: A patient’s perspective on the power of telehealth | Listen time: 16:47

by Shanna Adamic | Cerner Corporation

Published on 5/26/2020

In this episode, Shanna Adamic, executive director of Cerner’s First Hand, joins us during Brain Tumor Awareness Month to share her personal story of being a brain tumor survivor and the important role that telehealth – and her own advocacy – played in her journey.

  • How did your journey progress from the symptoms you experienced through making the decision to get surgery?
  • What do people need to know about this disease?
  • How did telehealth play a role in the care you received for your brain tumor?
  • What were your virtual visits like? How did you build a relationship with your provider and stay engaged in your care remotely?
  • What has life been like for you as a brain tumor survivor?
  • What key message would you like to tell others who are currently facing a brain tumor diagnosis?

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