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Mike Sicilia and David Feinberg MD talking during the 2022 Oracle Cerner Health Conference keynote

A retrospective on Cerner's transition to Oracle

Highlighting key moments of 2022

by Oracle Cerner

Published on 12/14/2022

This was a pivotal year for Cerner as it joined Oracle and the two combined to improve the healthcare industry. We’ve gathered some moments from 2022 that share how Oracle welcomed Cerner and the steps we’re taking to transform the future of healthcare.

Oracle acquires Cerner

From Oracle Executive Vice President Mike Sicilia in June on Oracle’s acquisition of Cerner:

  • “If we replaced clinicians’ time spent performing administrative tasks with patient interactions, imagine how dramatically we could improve quality of care.”

  • “Oracle will harness the power of data to create a collaborative ecosystem where people, patients, providers, and payers can securely access clinical, operational, and financial data on the cloud.”

  • “We plan to support the entire lifecycle of healthcare, going beyond traditional health IT to integrate our infrastructure, platform, and applications capabilities for a more fully connected operational, administrative, and clinical system.”

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Future of Healthcare

During a special address, Oracle leadership talked about how Oracle’s acquisition of Cerner will transform healthcare delivery by providing a new generation of modern, secure healthcare information systems.

“Better information is the key to transforming healthcare,” said Oracle Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Larry Ellison. “Better information will allow doctors to deliver better patient outcomes. Better information will allow public health officials to develop much better public health policy. And better information will fundamentally help lower healthcare costs overall. That is now our primary mission here at Oracle.”

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Expanded opportunities

Travis Dalton talked about his role as general manager and the expanded opportunities as Oracle Health.

“No other technology company other than Oracle offers this full suite of business and clinical applications … imagine your EHR informing your operations so you know where to deploy resources, real-time supply management, and automation of tasks that puts providers back at the bedside. I could list a dozen more examples we’re thinking about, but the point is, we have gained more resources, more infrastructure, and more freedom to innovate beyond the EHR with our clients. The future of a healthcare platform and ecosystem are these connections.”

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Making our shared vision a reality

Before Oracle Cerner Health Conference (OCHC) in October, Oracle Health Chairman David Feinberg, MD, said it will take technology and healthcare expertise working together to affect change worldwide.

  • “Many healthcare and technology companies have worked toward this reality for some time. This next era of healthcare digital transformation requires a broader, more collaborative effort. We must harness the power of massive infrastructure, technical expertise, and capabilities like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). It’s not just about healthcare needing more technology, though. Technology also needs more healthcare expertise. Changing healthcare worldwide requires a profound understanding of how healthcare operates—how health data should flow based on the complex workflows and informational needs of different providers.”

  • “We know this vision won't be easy to achieve, but we’re at an inflection point. Now is the time to think big and find ways to use technology to completely change workflows, improve health equity, decrease the cost of care, and make it easier to deliver care. We need to accelerate our innovation and work together to make healthcare more open, connected, and accessible. That is our responsibility.”

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Moving forward

Finally, during OCHC, organizational leaders outlined a vision for how we can work together to make healthcare more open and connected. Revisit the highlights from OCHC and discover how we can use data to help make our communities healthier.

“We’re advancing the EHR and we can do so much more. It’s all about people at the center of it all, providing better care to patients. That’s our purpose,” David said. “And there’s no limit to what’s possible.”

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