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military doctor talking to patient

Ep. 177: A step forward in improving health care for Service members and Veterans | Listen time: 23:04

by Neil Evans, MD | Ms. Holly Joers | Daniel Thode

Published on 5/14/2020

Earlier this year, the Federal Electronic Health Record Modernization (FEHRM) Program Office, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) launched a new joint health information exchange – or HIE – that enhances their ability to share patient records with community health care partners. This HIE connects VA and DOD with more than 46,000 hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, labs, federally qualified health centers and nursing homes throughout the country. 

Hear from Daniel Thode, senior director, Cerner Government Services, and the lead for Cerner’s efforts with the Defense and Military Health community, as he talks with the former interim director and interim deputy director for the FEHRM Program Office. Neil Evans, MD, and Ms. Holly Joers discuss the joint HIE and what it means for VA, DOD and their private sector partners. 

Listen to them answer these questions:

  • The joint HIE capability went live more than two weeks ago, what positives are you experiencing so far? 
  • Is the capability available to all DOD and VA care facilities? How do you see this helping each department in its efforts to fight COVID-19? 
  • How will the joint HIE improve the delivery of health care for Service members and Veterans? 
  • How does a private-sector provider or health system join the exchange as a participating partner? 
  • What can other federal agencies and the industry learn from what the departments accomplished with the joint HIE? 

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