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A tale of two crises and the value of health data interoperability

by Julie Crouse

Published on 3/16/2021

In this episode, we have a conversation with Julie Crouse, administration coordinator at NorthBay Healthcare in Fairfield, California, around the value of connected technology and data in times of extreme crisis. 

Notable Quotes

“To have health information travel with the patient so that care can be rendered with knowledge is absolutely invaluable. ” – Julie Crouse

“[CommonWell Health Alliance] is a wonderful functionality that can really enhance a patient’s care wherever they go. I just wish more people were signed up to participate so that every patient’s health information was there.” – Julie Crouse

Listen to Julie answer these questions:

  • What happened last fall when NorthBay was required to quickly, unexpectedly admit patients who were being evacuated from another hospital due to wildfires amid battling the COVID-19 pandemic? (1:11)
  • How did the CommonWell Health Alliance and interoperability help NorthBay deliver seamless care and ensure patient safety during such a chaotic event? (4:00)
  • How might things have gone differently if NorthBay didn’t have access to CommonWell? (5:10
  • How does CommonWell support clinicians at NorthBay on a day-to-day basis beyond crisis response? (5:44)
  • What’s some advice for hospitals and health systems that want to advance their interoperability efforts? (9:18)

Sharing data is foundational to Cerner's patient-centric interoperability.

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