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Addressing healthcare workforce challenges

Listen time: 23:34

by Dick Flanigan | Nate Shinagawa, FACHE

Published on 11/19/2021

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In this episode, Dick Flanigan, senior vice president, Cerner, is joined by Nate Shinagawa, FACHE, chief operating officer, Banner Ocotillo Medical Center. They discuss healthcare workforce trends and how organizations can implement strategies around retention, clinician burnout and more.

Notable quotes

“Throughout the pandemic, we’ve had to work on the fly. Our agility has increased manyfold.” – Nate Shinagawa

“Our servant-leadership mentality has sustained us and helped with our staff retention and engagement.” – Nate Shinagawa

“Organizations need upfront investment in staff to create reliable virtual health systems. Overall, the challenge is upscaling quickly and finding the people you need for all these additional solutions.” – Nate Shinagawa

Tune in to hear Nate answer these questions:

  • What workforce challenges are you facing and how are you managing the current environment? (1:38)
  • How are you handling talent recruitment and retention? (7:49)
  • How does a focus on diversity, inclusion and equity help with staffing challenges? (13:39)
  • How does executive engagement impact overall workplace culture and clinician well-being? (17:03)
  • Is the healthcare workforce ready to meet the demand for virtual and home-based healthcare? (20:21)

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