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Aligning Resources to Advance Collaboration

Published on 1/25/2017

As it always does, the start of a new year provides an opportunity to recommit Cerner to our guiding purpose to meet the needs of our clients and reaffirm our leadership role in shaping the future of health care.

This commitment takes many forms. It's manifested in Cerner;s industry-leading research and development investment, as well as our open approach to collaboration and the integration of the best in health care IT innovation into our solutions. But fundamentally, our commitment to achieving the goals we share with our clients and partners relies on aligning our leadership team to execute Cerner's mission to contribute to the systemic improvement of health care delivery and the health of communities.

With that, I'd like to share several organizational announcements that I'm confident will position Cerner for continued success collaborating with our clients to solve today's health care IT challenges and creating opportunities for new and even more impactful innovation in the future.

Consulting and Application Services

Farrell Sanders will assume leadership of Cerner's Consulting and Application Services functions, with Mike Neal continuing to work closely with Cerner in an ongoing advisory capacity.

Since joining Cerner in 2003, Farrell has led several of the company's core functions, including serving as chief operating officer since July 2014 for the successful integration of the former Siemens Health Services and launching Cerner's ITWorks business in 2009.

In 2007, Farrell took on leadership of SolutionWorks and guided a significant improvement in Cerner's solution support. In previous roles, Farrell connected Cerner's support continuum under Application Services, helped develop the CernerWorks operating model, launched Cerner's Lights On Network and played a significant role in improving IP Software Quality.

Before Cerner, Farrell spent 15 years with Accenture as a management consultant and financial operations executive.


With the successful integration of Siemens Health Services, Dick Flanigan will transition from his role as president of Cerner HS to leading our ITWorks business.

Since joining Cerner in 1994, Dick has led the company's research and life sciences business units and Cerner's employer initiatives, as well as prior service as president of Cerner's North Atlantic division, and Cerner's academic and children's business units. Dick was also general manager of Cerner France from 2009-2010, and worked to expand the company's presence in continental Europe.


An indicator of Cerner's growth outside the U.S., Emil Peters will have expanded leadership over Cerner's Europe, Middle East, Australia, Asia and Latin America markets as President of Cerner Global.

Previously, Emil served as vice president and managing director overseeing Cerner's European operations. Emil has served in a variety of international roles since joining Cerner in 1998, spanning Belgium, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. Most recently, Emil served as the executive leader for Cerner Europe and Latin America, with responsibility for the largest non-U.S. organization of Cerner clients, associates and revenue.

In addition to roles outside the U.S., Emil has led Cerner's Critical Care and Emergency Department business units and directed the company's Kansas City Provider Network Initiative.

One of Cerner's many strengths is our deep bench of talented leaders with diverse portfolios of experience. We are confident that these changes will continue to position us for future success. Congratulations to these leaders on their new roles.