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Assessing and prioritizing clinician wellness

by Jennifer Bickel, MD | Lu de Souza, MD

Published on 3/30/2021

In this episode, Lu de Souza, MD, chief medical officer, Cerner, has a conversation around the importance of clinician wellness with Jennifer Bickel, MD, medical director for the Center for Professional Well-Being at Children’s Mercy in Kansas City, Missouri.

Notable quotes

“[Professional well-being] is about an individual being able to find meaning and purpose in their work in a safe environment that enables them to grow, develop and contribute.” – Jennifer Bickel, MD

“The wellness movement in hospitals was already underway. COVID-19 has accelerated this and will make it a lasting promise that organizations are going to have to continue to make to their people.” – Jennifer Bickel, MD

Listen to Dr. Bickel answer these questions:

  • What’s the definition of professional well-being? (1:19)
  • How has the pandemic impacted the healthcare industry’s focus and approach to clinician wellness? (2:15)
  • How can clinical professionals assess an organization's ability to support their well-being, and why is this important to do? (4:01)
  • What are some initial steps healthcare organizations can take to advance their employee wellness efforts? What does an effective wellness program look like? Are there potential consequences for organizations if they don't focus on well-being? (8:36)
  • How does leadership development impact clinician well-being, and what leadership competencies are needed for an organization to drive a successful wellness program? (11:22)

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