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Cerner Health Conference 2020: COVID-19 Preview

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by Cerner Corporation

Published on 10/8/2020

As many of the industry’s brightest minds gather virtually Oct. 13-14 for Cerner Health Conference (CHC) 2020, there will be a lot of conversations about the long-term impact of COVID-19. The virus that’s affected the world’s health care and economies will be the subject of many breakout and power sessions, keynotes and roundtables. Health care leaders worldwide will share how their organizations are responding to the pandemic; working to recover from the clinical, operational and financial strain; and, leveraging what they’ve learned to lead a health care transformation.

COVID-19 education 

In the Solutions Gallery, you’ll be able to see the tools health care providers are relying on for support as they navigate their COVID-19 response and recovery. You’ll hear first-hand experiences from clinical leaders about how they leveraged data to quickly and accurately make patient care decisions, and how the pandemic is shaping the future of care. 

CHC sessions will explore all aspects of COVID-19 including how providers prepared for and managed the patient surge; the important role played by telehealth, health networks, population health, interoperability and consumer engagement; as well as how organizations are moving forward armed with key lessons they learned during this remarkable period.

These are a few COVID-19 CHC sessions to consider: 

COVID-19 thought leadership 

Before CHC, check out these resources for more about the innovative approaches health care organizations used to find their way through the peak of the pandemic – from virtual go-lives, to fast-standing field hospitals, to predicting COVID-19 patient complications. These insights and viewpoints highlight how health care leaders are paving new paths forward.

6 ways data and analytics can be powerful tools in the COVID-19 fight 

Data and analytics provide much needed clarity and support for clinical and operational decision-making. Explore six ways actionable insights can make a positive impact on your pandemic fight. 

COVID-19 lessons learned: 7 health care experts share their insights from the pandemic 

Clinical and technical leaders from around the world share their viewpoints on the impact of the pandemic on rural health, care delivery, operations, telehealth and more. 

Cerner’s approach to the COVID-19 pandemic 

Now more than ever, health care providers are seeing the difference data and technology can make – especially during an unprecedented event. Learn about Cerner’s rapid response to the pandemic and the recovery tools we’re providing to support health systems.

To register for CHC and to see the full agenda, visit 

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