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Care Coordination, Community Health and More | CHC17 Sessions

Published on 9/20/2017

These five ambulatory and physician sessions at the 2017 Cerner Health Conference (CHC) and Cerner Physician Community (CPC) Meeting will dive into some top-tier health care organizations that are enhancing the patient experience and empowering physicians to provide first-class care. Explore everything from ways to optimize population health outcomes to tools and trainings that help physician best practices.

1. Leading in a Changing Environment: Focus on Population Health (CPC Session #1000)

Dr. Jon Burroughs, president and chief executive officer at the Burroughs Healthcare Consulting Network, Inc.

Our industry is rapidly moving from a fragmented fee-for-service system that focuses on sickness toward a risk-based, capitated population health system that revolves around optimizing health. This drastic change requires new subpopulation business models and infrastructure to support it. In this session, Dr. Jon Burroughs will present case studies that illustrate various ways in which organizations are making the necessary changes to move into a population health environment. In addition, Burroughs will share how to engage and align with physicians and key stakeholders to improve the health, experience and per capita cost of defined subpopulations.

2. Affiliate Strategies: Building a Community-based Provider Network to Improve Care Coordination (CPC Session #2011 and CHC Session #330)

Edwina Mallery, registered health information administrator at Lafayette General Health

Stewart Ferguson, chief technology officer at Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

David Coe, senior director of population health at Banner Health

As we enter an era that will require seamless coordination of care and an emphasis on consumerism, affiliating with the right providers and building a strong, integrated care delivery network will be vital. Hear from client leaders across multiple organizations who have navigated the complexities of building such a community-based provider network and have identified best practices pertaining to architecture, security and access, financial protection, referral management and care coordination. Learn Cerner's recommendations for sharing records, tracking referrals and seamlessly managing care across the community, while increasing market share and reducing leakage.

3. Get Happier, Faster Doctors: Redesign EMR Training with eCoach, Cerner Advance & Web-based Tools! (CPC Session #2019 and CHC Session #1000)

Dr. Julie Hollberg, Dr. Willie Smith and Elizabeth Sprouse of Emory Healthcare

Say goodbye to the traditional model of classroom-based training. In this presentation, Emory Healthcare leaders will discuss the complete overhaul of the organization's training program, including a description of electronic tools (including web-based learning management and eCoaching), material development processes and resources involved in the implementation and maintenance. Emory Healthcare's training program serves over 1,200 new physicians and clinical staff annually, as well as a full staff of over 6,400 clinicians. In this session, Emory's panel will also review how to leverage data to measure the time clinicians spend using the electronic health record (EHR) and to determine who to target for one-on-one coaching.

4. The Role of Physician IT Governance (CPC Session #2012)

Dr. Lou Applebaum , associate chief medical information officer at Roper St. Francis

Dr. Jeanne Ballard, chief medical information officer at Roper St. Francis

Dr. John-Paul Jones, chief medical information officer at Centra Health

Physician engagement and relevant situational training are instrumental to the successful implementation and adoption of an EHR. In this session, Roper St. Francis and Centra Health leaders will share how having a governance plan in place is essential to their organizations' implementation projects. Roper St. Francis' Dr. Lou Applebaum and Dr. Jeanne Ballard will share their experiences through a successful big-bang implementation, while Centra Health's Dr. John-Paul Jones will share how they are navigating governance toward a March 2018 go-live project.

5. It Really Does Take a Village: How to Create a New Community Health Model with the YMCA (CHC Session #914)

Dr. Daphne Bascom, senior vice president of community integrated health, YMCA

Mitzi Cardenas, senior vice president, chief strategy and information officer, Truman Medical Centers

Truman Medical Centers (TMC) will soon open a 7,000-square foot primary care facility attached to the newly renovated YMCA in Kansas City, Missouri. In this session, YMCA and TMC leaders will share how they will empower patients dealing with chronic health conditions to take control of their health while also expanding the availability of programs focused on wellness and disease prevention. Daphne Bascom and Mitzi Cardenas will discuss how TMC will be able to refer patients to YMCA wellness programs and how YMCA personal trainers and dieticians will work with TMC providers to manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and high blood pressure.

As a physician, Bascom has more than 10 years of experience in clinical integration, performance improvement and deployment of multimillion-dollar health IT systems. Before joining the YMCA, she was vice president and chief medical officer of Physician Alignment with Cerner.

Cardenas is the senior vice president, chief strategy and information officer at TMC with the responsibility for strategic planning, new business and real estate development while continuing to lead the IT organization.

CHC is Cerner's annual, industry-leading health care event, taking place this year from Oct. 9-12 at the Kansas City Convention Center. To learn more or to register for the conference and sign up for education sessions, visit the CHC website.

The fall CPC meeting, Oct. 8 & 9, is a two-day event designed for CMOs, CMIOs and physicians. To learn more or to register for this specialty event and view the full list of education sessions, visit the CPC website.