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Ep. 217: Cerner Health Forum ‘21 preview - A healthier bottom line | Listen time: 5:19

by Brenna Quinn | Steve Colucci

Published on 4/22/2021

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In this episode, we share a sneak peek of a conversation with Cerner leaders Brenna Quinn, senior vice president of revenue cycle, and Steve Colucci, vice president of revenue cycle product, around delivering a healthier bottom line and what to expect at Cerner Health Forum 2021. The full podcast, which includes video, will be available for Cerner Health Forum attendees within the virtual platform.  

Notable quote 

“We can help clients diagnose where they have areas that could benefit from redesign, process management, change management opportunities or configuration changes. We can work together to provide an optimization uplift to their current revenue cycle experience.” – Brenna Quinn

Listen to Brenna answer these questions:

  • What’s to come at Cerner Health Forum on the topic of revenue cycle?
  • How will Cerner continue to advance collaboration with revenue cycle clients going forward?
  • What are some of the Cerner Health Forum sessions around revenue cycle that you’re excited about?

Register for Cerner Health Forum to get access to the rest of the episode where Brenna and Steve address these topics:

  • What are the revenue cycle core areas of focus for Cerner clients this year? 
  • What are the new automation capabilities that Cerner Health Forum attendees will learn more about at the event?

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Cerner Health Forum, April 29-30, will provide the information, collaboration and experience of an in-person conference in a two-day, live, virtual event featuring healthcare IT innovation, education sessions and next-level thinking. Learn more here.

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