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Ep. 216: Cerner Health Forum ‘21 preview - Right data. Right place. Right time. | Listen time: 5:57

by Sam Lambson

Published on 4/20/2021

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In this episode, we share a sneak peek of a conversation with Sam Lambson, vice president, interoperability, Cerner, around going beyond connectivity to true usability and what attendees can expect at Cerner Health Forum 2021. The full podcast, which includes video, will be available for Cerner Health Forum attendees within the virtual platform.

Notable quote

“The new [information blocking] regulations create an opportunity for a new level of data liquidity. Patients will have better access to their data and that data will flow with them wherever they go on their care journey.” – Sam Lambson

Listen to Sam answer these questions:

  • What’s to come at Cerner Health Forum on the topic of interoperability?
  • What’s next on the interoperability landscape, and how will Cerner support its clients in navigating new regulations?
  • What are some of the Cerner Health Forum interoperability sessions that you’re excited about?

Register for Cerner Health Forum to get access to the rest of the episode where Sam addresses this topic:

  • What are Cerner’s key priorities right now around interoperability?

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Cerner Health Forum, April 29-30, will provide the information, collaboration and experience of an in-person conference in a two-day, live, virtual event featuring healthcare IT innovation, education sessions and next-level thinking. Learn more here.

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