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overhead view of doctors and nurses collaborating

Change management for healthcare leaders

Conversations at Oracle Cerner Health Conference

by Stephanie Trunzo | Johnny Luu

Published on 10/18/2022
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  • Stephanie Trunzo, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Oracle Health

  • Johnny Luu, Vice President & Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Oracle Health

With significant and ongoing changes in the health industry in recent years, healthcare leaders have had to rapidly adapt to new ways of thinking and doing in order to stay resilient in the face of change.

Yet some leaders push past the status quo and view these opportunities as a chance to explore new avenues for patient care, new partnerships for growth, and new ways to ease provider burden and boost their workplace culture.

In this episode, Johnny Luu, vice president and chief marketing and communications officer of Oracle Health, talks to Stephanie Trunzo, senior vice president and general manager of Oracle Health, at Oracle Cerner Health Conference about her experiences within change management and how to instill enterprise-level thinking within one's team.

They'll discuss:

  • Bringing entrepreneurial experience into larger organizations to become an intrapreneur (0:55)

  • How you need to think about the people first in transformation process (1:45)

  • How to embrace and mitigate risk and create a safe space for your team to create change alongside you (3:54)

  • How to avoid becoming stale and losing clarity and instead surrounding yourself with fresh ideas and people to stay sharp (6:58)

  • Getting an entrenched workforce onboard with change (11:09)

  • What we should be thinking about when trying to instigate long-term change (14:10)

  • What they’re excited about in bringing Oracle and Cerner together (16:50)

  • Pandemic introduced change, but how healthcare can now bring consumers along (18:38)

Notable quotes:

“We don’t work for org charts. We work for people we believe in. We work for the purpose that makes us get up and be excited about the work that we’re doing. It’s not different for the workforce you’re trying to move forward – how do you connect them back to that purpose in the first place?” – Stephanie Trunzo
“Do you want to be right, or do you want to get it right? If you’re on the path of ‘be right’ you’re going to be blind to the kinds of changes that need to happen.” – Stephanie Trunzo
“People sometimes fall in love with complexity. The very things that they want to change is what they derive their own value from … you want to help them see that by making this thing simpler they actually can show value in a much more important and different way.” – Stephanie Trunzo