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CHC16 Day 5

Published on 11/17/2016

CHC16 came to a close Thursday with several final education and power sessions.

EHR integration for optimal interoperability data access was a key topic during a morning power session.

The room was packed for eHealth Initiative CEO Jennifer Covich Bordenick, CommonWell Health Alliance Executive Director Jitin Asnaani, Tiger Institute for Health Innovation Director of Regional Operations Michael Seda and Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital CHCIO Sajid Admed as they presented on achieving the optimal degree of interoperability and using EHRs to streamline care and improve outcomes.

"Providers don't want to log into multiple systems," Ahmed said. "We need information within the workflow. We're still making that journey."

"We need to take a look inward and think about what we're doing. We need systems that are simple to use and allow users data access." Covich Bordenick said. "he information needs to be there regardless of the system. Let's not wait another 20 years to interoperate. The time is now."

American Telemedicine Association CEO Jonathan Linkous discussed health care modernization and emerging applications for telehealth. Advanced technology has transformed care delivery models and assisted in removing barriers to quality and cost-effective health care.

"Telemedicine is about delivering care," Linkous said. "It's already here. Telemedicine is 20 years old. Soon, it will be commonplace."