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Ep. 213: COVID-19 vaccine distribution and cybersecurity risks | Listen time: 19:23

by Randy Rahman | Paul Schwartz

Published on 4/6/2021

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In this episode, Paul Schwartz, director, security solutions, Cerner has a conversation with Randy Rahman, chief information officer, Olathe Health.

Notable quotes 

As we’re capturing COVID-19 vaccine information and transmitting this data, we have to make sure that we’re HIPAA-compliant and have appropriate securities. – Randy Rahman 

“We need to be more proactive in thinking not only about our traditional endpoint security, but also the mobile devices like iPads and smartphones. Creating ongoing awareness and monitoring all of thendpoint devices is key.” – Randy Rahman 

“On an ongoing basis you should be revisiting your strategy to make appropriate adjustments based on whatever external forces you’re dealing with. Today it’s the pandemic, tomorrow it might be something else, but we need to have a program in place to insure our valuable data assets and protect the patient record.” - Randy Rahman 

Listen to Randy answer these questions:  

  • What are the potential cybersecurity risks for health systems as they obtain and administer the COVID-19 vaccines? (1:21
  • What steps is Olathe Health taking to prepare its clinical staff and associates around protecting endpoints, such as desktops, laptops, smartphones and other connected devices, during vaccine distribution?  (4:07
  • What cybersecurity practices should organizations consider implementing now to keep critical patient data secure?  (6:54
  • What are the best ways for healthcare organizations to respond in the unfortunate event of a data breach? (10:54
  • How can cybersecurity leaders best communicate risks to their organization? (13:28)
  • How has the COVID-19 pandemic shifted the way that a health system should evaluate its cybersecurity enterprise? (15:57

Relevant links 

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