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Cybersecurity, IT Governance and More | CHC17 Sessions

Published on 9/18/2017

Cerner Health Conference attendees interested in aligning strategic business relationships for their health organization should be sure to attend these four sessions to learn about Cerner ITWorks and hear from organizations that are achieving their clinical and financial goals.

1. Transforming IT Governance: A Continuous Improvement Journey (Session #387)

Robert Frieden, vice president and chief information officer at Genesis Health System

Dr. Anthony Carbone, chief medical information officer at Genesis Health System

In this presentation, leaders from Genesis Health System in Davenport, Iowa, will share how they revitalized and re-engineered the organization's IT governance structure, processes and measurement. They'll detail how they examined the weaknesses in their previous system and determined opportunities for improvement. Part of their analysis included how the organization previously approved or started projects, how decisions were made and how the physician and leadership communities engaged in the decision-making process. Robert Frieden and Dr. Anthony Carbone will share how having a strong IT governance system has helped Genesis make progress on a number of its strategic goals.

Thanks to Frieden's leadership, Genesis is the only Iowa hospital or health system to be named one of the nation's "Most Wired" hospitals and health systems for 13 consecutive years, an award that recognizes Genesis for its use of technology to provide patients with the highest standards of safety and quality of care.

Before becoming the chief medical information officer at Genesis, Carbone served as a senior physician executive at Cerner ITWorks.

2. You Don't Wanna Cry: How to Protect Your Systems for Future Cyberattacks (Session #921)

Cerner ITWorks panel featuring Fadi Atiyeh, Maryellen Brown and Tony Buenger

The volume of cyber threats is rapidly increasing each and every day, with analysts warning that it's not a matter of if, but when a cyberattack is successful. In this interactive panel, speakers from Cerner ITWorks will give examples of cybersecurity risks and provide firsthand examples of how their security teams works alongside client leaders at their respective sites to apply their own defense strategy for a rapid response to these dangerous attacks.

3. Using Technology to Address the Opioid Crisis and Behavioral Health (Session #855)

Sharon Freese, chief operating officer at Truman Medical Center (TMC) Behavioral Health

Dr. Thomas Selva, chief medical information officer at University of Missouri (MU) Health Care and medical director at Tiger Institute for Health Innovation

According to the National Institute of Health, more than 90 Americans die every day after overdosing on opioids. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that the total economic burden of prescription opioid misuse in the United States is $78.5 billion a year. The opioid crisis has health organizations taking a serious look at their behavioral health programs.

In this session, Sharon Freese and Dr. Thomas Selva discuss how their health systems are strategically addressing the opioid crisis, seeking innovation through technology and attacking this problem head-on.

Before becoming chief operating officer, Freese spent 19 years with TMC Behavioral Health in a variety of roles. She has more than 25 years of nursing, mental health and health care leadership experience.

In addition to his roles at MU Health Care and the Tiger Institute for Health Innovation, Selva is also a professor of child health in the MU School of Medicine. Selva serves as chief of the Division of General Pediatrics, associate chair for clinical quality in the Department of Child Health and medical director of ambulatory care for University of Missouri Health Care.

4. An Urgent Solution for a Growing Footprint: Leveraging the Urgent Care Market (Session #713)

Tracie McPadden, director of emergency services at Circle Health

Circle Health continues to be successful largely due to its innovative growth strategies. In addition to a series of tactical partnerships, Circle Health recognized an opportunity to expand market share through a secondary market of urgent care clinics.

In this session, Tracie McPadden will discuss how this market access leverage point enables Circle Health to reach additional populations and help keep care within the walls of the health system.

5. Facilitating EMR Optimization at Augusta University Health (Session #558)

Dr. David Fallaw, chief medical information officer at Augusta University Health

Augusta University Health has met its data-driven goals by implementing an optimized documentation and discharge process, resulting in an 8 percent reduction in length of time for emergency department visits. In this session, Dr. David Fallaw discusses how Cerner's Dynamic DocumentationTM consolidated workflows and allowed for quicker, more timely discharge summary authentication by an attending physician, resulting in expedited reimbursements.

Cerner Health Conference (CHC) is Cerner's annual, industry-leading health care event, taking place this year from Oct. 9-12 at the Kansas City Convention Center. To learn more or to register for the conference and sign up for education sessions, visit the CHC website.