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Ep. 100: MedStar Health's Pete Celano on the Future of Precision Medicine

Published on 10/23/2018

The concept of one-size-fits-all might work as a fashion trend, but it isn’t adequate in the varied world of health care. As clinicians seek out ways to be more efficient and improve the patient experience, precision medicine—which considers genes, environment and lifestyle differences among individuals—is an emerging approach for better disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention. 

Although there are some barriers that need to be addressed and much more to learn, the field of precision medicine has the potential to create positive, radical changes in care delivery over the next decade. In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we’re joined by Pete Celano, director of consumer health initiatives at MedStar Health. MedStar Health is a non-profit, community-based health system serving Maryland and Washington D.C. Pete is here to talk about how innovations in health IT are pushing precision medicine forward and the opportunities for future growth in this sector. 

Pete answers the following questions:

  • Help us understand precision medicine in health IT. What is the current state?
  • Can you share the approach Medstar has had to driving innovation in precision medicine?
  • Tell us about the Alliance for Genomics (TAG). What does that program entail, and what are some of the projects that team is working on?
  • What are the challenges currently surrounding precision medicine, and how can the industry address those? What is MedStar's strategy around these challenges? (Individual privacy concerns, risk perception for the consumer, etc.)
  • Where do you see the future of precision medicine? What are you most excited about?

Listen to the full podcast below, or click here to view all episodes of The Cerner Podcast!


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