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Perspectives on Health and Tech Ep. 115: David Harlow on Health Care Data Privacy and Security Compliance

In an increasingly interoperable health care climate, HIPAA, data privacy regulations and security planning have become some of the most critical components to managing the integrity of personal health information. Individuals and organizations dedicated to improving compliance among care providers and IT vendors alike are commonplace throughout the industry.

On this episode of Perspectives on Health and Tech, we are joined by David Harlow, principal at The Harlow Group. David is a health care lawyer and consultant with more than three decades of public and private sector experience, which has provided him with a unique perspective on the legal, policy and business issues that face the health care community. David answers the following questions:

  • What checks and balances, beyond HIPAA, is the health care industry implementing to safeguard data as the need for interoperability grows?
  • From a legal perspective, what do hospital and health systems need to do to protect themselves and their patients from breaches in health data privacy and security?
  • In a highly regulated environment, what should health care organizations be prioritizing when implementing process and structuring their workforces? How can they increase employee buy-in for regulatory and business goals?
  • Looking to the health care industry of tomorrow, what are some exciting emerging legal, policy or regulatory trends?

Listen to the full podcast below, and click here for previous episodes of Perspectives on Health and Tech.


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