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Perspectives on Health and Tech Ep. 117: Eva Karp on the Role of Health IT in Patient Safety

Improving patient safety has long been a mantra among health care organizations, but when we talk about patient safety, what are we referring to specifically? It’s about organizations protecting their patients from errors, injuries, accidents and infections. It’s equipping and empowering care teams with tools to make their workflows and environment safer.


These safety issues are more pervasive than you might think. Every day, more than one thousand people die because of a preventable hospital error. Estimates put the risk of serious harm at ten to twenty times as frequent as lethal harm. To put that in context of other industries, there’s a one in one million chance of a traveler being harmed while in an aircraft. In comparison, the chance of a patient being harmed while in a health care setting is one in three hundred.


On this episode of Perspectives on Health and Tech, we are joined by Eva Karp, Cerner’s senior vice president and chief clinical and patient safety officer. Eva answers the following questions:


  • What are the barriers to patient safety, and what are some of the tools and strategies that health systems can use to support and increase access to care?
  • How can health IT better support care teams to identify and treat individuals that may be affected by substance abuse?
  • What are some of the ways that organizations can build and maintain a culture of safety? 
  • How do Cerner clients use programs and technology to improve patient safety within their organizations? 
  • How will health IT impact patient safety in the next five years?


Listen to the full podcast below, and click here for previous episodes of Perspectives on Health and Tech.

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