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Perspectives on Health and Tech Ep. 118: Ms. Stacy Cummings and Julie Stoner on MHS GENESIS

The Leidos Partnership for Defense Health is working with the Department of Defense (DoD) and Military Health System providers to deliver MHS GENESIS, an integrated electronic health and dental record solution that will be deployed to all military hospitals and clinics around the world, delivering secure information to patients when and where it matters most. 

In December 2018, after reaching several major milestones for MHS GENESIS, senior DoD leaders declared Initial Operational Capability (IOC), acknowledging initial testing complete and approving continued deployment to DoD’s first six waves of military hospitals and clinics. With deployment activities to the next wave of facilities now underway, today we will discuss that decision and the impact of IOC lessons learned, how DoD is driving cybersecurity standards and DoD partnerships with other federal agencies.     

In this episode of Perspectives on Health and Tech, we are joined by Julie Stoner, an executive with Cerner Government Services–a member of the Leidos Partnership for Defense Health–and Ms. Stacy Cummings, program executive officer for Defense Healthcare Management Systems (DHMS). Ms. Cummings and Julie discuss the following questions:

  • When are the Mountain Home Air Force Base, Naval Air Station Lemoore, Travis Air Force Base and U.S. Army Health Clinic Presidio of Monterey sites scheduled to be operational?

  • What can we expect to hear about in the coming months as DoD moves forward with its MHS GENESIS deployment?

  • What has DoD done internally to help facilitate the health IT transformation and decision-making? What advice would you give private sector leaders going through similar challenges?

  • What are some practices DoD is implementing to support change management for the end users? What improvements have been made over time to the training program and clinical workflows to ease the transition for practitioners and clinicians?
  • How is the DoD approaching the MHS GENESIS cybersecurity posture? How will this be affecting the private industry?
  • In the future, MHS GENESIS will be interoperable with VA’s upcoming modernized electronic health record. Why will that be crucial for servicemen and women, and how is DHMS working with the VA to accomplish that mission?

Listen to the full podcast below, and click here for previous episodes of Perspectives on Health and Tech.

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