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PODCAST: Ep. 229: Combatting clinician burnout image

Ep. 229: Combatting clinician burnout

Dr. de Souza and Dr. Tajirian discuss the epidemic of clinician and physician burnout in healthcare and the strategies to help combat it.

by Lu de Souza, MD | Dr. Tania Tajirian

Published on 4/28/2022
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In this episode, Dr. Lu de Souza, Vice President & Chief Medical Officer, Cerner, is joined by Dr. Tania Tajirian, Chief Medical Information Officer, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. They discuss the topic of clinician burnout, what factors play a role in burnout, and lessons that have been learned in tackling this issue.

Notable quotes

"EHRs are meant to be tools, not a burden. How you bring joy back to medicine is by reducing that burden. Less time at the terminal, more time at the bedside. That resonates with every clinician ...also with patients." – Dr. Tajirian

“We have to get back to thinking about our care team holistically.” – Dr. de Souza

Tune in to hear Dr. de Souza and Dr. Tajirian answer these questions:

  • How are EHRs impacting clinician burnout? (02:17)

  • Why taking a multi-prong approach is important in tackling this issue? (06:22)

  • What are the top three or four things you (Dr. T) have learned through this process? (16:31)

  • What is coming up in your strategy immediately, and what is coming in the next five years? (18:59)

  • Share some wisdom that has helped you in your journey. (22:33)