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Ep. 84: Centrus Health's Chris Wilson on the Intersection of Population Health and Value-Based Care

Published on 7/17/2018

Centrus Health Kansas City is a clinically integrated, physician-led network, comprised of more than 1,600 physicians, representing the employed medical groups of North Kansas City Hospital, Shawnee Mission Health and The University of Kansas Health System, and independent physicians including the Kansas City Metropolitan Physician Association. Recently, Centrus Health announced a new project: It would use Cerner’s technological tools and analytical capabilities to create a population health management program that will advance value-based health care delivery in Kansas City.

In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we’re joined by Chris Wilson, executive director at Centrus Health. He discusses the intersection between population health management, value-based care and incentives for health care providers and patients alike. 

Chris answers the following questions: 

  • You’re creating a new model for health care in Kansas City. Can you walk us through the tenets of that model? How did you decide that this was the right move for your organization?
  • Centrus Health is unique in that it is comprised of independent organizations – the network is not managed or controlled by one overarching health care organization. Can you discuss how that impacts implementation for a population health management program such as this? 
  • Shifts in consumer behavior patterns mean that industries must adapt. Can you discuss how consumer needs changing in the Kansas City marketplace, and how does that scale to the broader health care industry? 
  • This project is, at its core, tied to value-based care contracts – which the industry has largely felt was in the near future, an idea that was just on the horizon. This project would seem to indicate that, at least from Centrus’ perspective, fee-for-performance is really here. Can you put this into context for us? 
  • What are some of the immediate imperatives of this project? What results do you envision for this project, and what outcomes do you expect both for the health care organizations in your network and the patients you support? 

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