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Ep. 99: Salesforce’s Susan Collins on Integrating CRMs within EHRs

Published on 10/16/2018

The industrywide shift to value-based care means that patient engagement is more important now than ever before. For the modern health care consumer, though, sometimes a patient portal isn’t enough – and hospitals and health care systems must look beyond the portal and the EHR to develop patient loyalty.

Enter Customer Relationship Management – or CRM – systems. Traditionally thought of as a sales and marketing tool, CRMs are now becoming popular in the health care industry as a way to boost patient engagement. In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we’re joined by Susan Collins, vice president and general manager over health care and life sciences at Salesforce. Salesforce is a cloud-computing and CRM company headquartered in San Francisco.

Susan answers the following questions:

  • Let’s talk through how a CRM works traditionally, and how it can be adapted to work in a hospital or health care setting.
  • What have been some barriers to CRM adoption for hospital and health care systems? Why do you think this is?
  • What are some examples of how a CRM, when integrated with a hospital’s EHR system, can help interact and engage with patients in meaningful ways?
  • How can successful CRM implementation benefit the business side of health care?
  • CRM systems are not one-size-fits all. What should hospital and health care leaders consider as they look to implement a CRM system?
  • Let’s talk future-state. Where do you see the potential of CRM integration in the health care industry going?

Listen to the full podcast below, or click here to view all episodes of The Cerner Podcast!

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