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Ep. 56: Cerner's Don Bisbee on Device Connectivity

Published on 1/30/2018

Today’s health care system is increasingly becoming connected, and the right combination of technology and care processes can greatly impact patient outcomes. In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, Cerner's Don Bisbee discusses device connectivity, telehealth and consumerism in health care. 

  • Until now, the focus has been on point-to-point connections where individual devices such as infusion pumps and blood-glucose sensors can automatically send valuable data to a person’s electronic health record. The next level of innovation will require combing data from multiple source systems to draw new insights. What progress do you see happening in the industry?
  •  Can you speak to the importance of interoperability when it comes to device connectivity? 
  • Telehealth continues to gain traction in the health care industry. What is technology's role in helping bridge the patient and the clinician outside of the traditional hospital setting?
  • Consumerism in health care is becoming a growing trend as patients increasingly take an active role in their health and care. What should organizations be focused on to improve the consumer experience?
  • How do you see device connectivity evolving in the next 5 to 10 years?

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