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Ep. 83: Nolan Garrett on Incident Response Planning for Health Care Organizations

Published on 7/10/2018

Incident response planning helps health care organizations prepare for security and compliance incidents, including the occurrence of external attacks. A well-maintained and properly executed plan has the ability to provide enormous cost reduction for an organization, but this requires considerable research, development and testing. 

In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we’re joined by Nolan Garrett, the CEO at Intrinium Consulting and previously the chief information security officer at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Founded in 1901, CHLA is the first and largest pediatric hospital in southern California, offering more than 350 pediatric specialty programs.

Nolan answers the following questions:

  • To start, let’s talk about the importance of incident response planning. How critical is this practice in relation to maintaining a state of security in a health care organization?
  • We mentioned that a properly executed incident response plan requires suitable testing. Can you discuss what this process looks like, and how effective it is in improving recovery times in the event that a breach is experienced?
  • The cybersecurity team at any health care organization is comprised of a cross-functional team with complex goals. What advice would you give to hospital leadership looking to employ standard processes when developing, maintaining and testing an incident response plan?
  • What are the biggest technical and organizational challenges you face when preparing for possible data breaches?
  • Finally, let’s talk future-state. What does the next five years in security and compliance look like? How do you see innovative technologies impacting cybersecurity and incident response teams?

Listen to the full podcast below, or click here to view all episodes of The Cerner Podcast!

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