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Ep. 88: Fitbit’s Amy McDonough on Leveraging Wearable Devices to Improve Clinical Outcomes

Published on 8/14/2018

Wearable health and fitness technology has exploded in popularity with consumers – and now, the health care industry is beginning to see an opportunity to integrate the devices into the continuum of care.

As a leading global wearables brand, Fitbit designs products and experiences that track and provide motivation for everyday health and fitness. In this episode of The Cerner Podcast, we’re joined by Amy McDonough, the chief operating officer of Fitbit Health Solutions. She discusses the real impact that wearable technology can have on patient outcomes and where connected devices are heading next in the industry.

Amy answers the following questions:

  • Let’s get a sense of wearables today: What are some of the benefits, both for individuals and for companies, who incorporate wearable devices – like the Fitbit tracker – into a wellness routine or program?
  • The rise of consumerism in health care has led to increased focus on emotional, meaningful patient interactions, especially as consumers have higher expectations around technology and the health experience. Where does wearable technology sit in the continuum of care, considering the consumerization of health care?
  • Fitbit Health Solutions has positioned wearables as a legitimate tool for improving clinical outcomes. Can you discuss some of these results? How can clinicians and hospital leadership leverage wearables to improve patient outcomes?
  • Let’s talk about data collection and access. When it comes to working with hospitals and health care systems, how does Fitbit integrate data into the clinical record?
  • There’s a lot of potential for Fitbit Health Solutions’ growth in the health care market today. Can you give us a sense of the company’s direction? What are some opportunities you’ve identified, and where do you think the market is heading?

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