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Geisinger’s innovative approach to wellness and addressing healthcare inequities

by Allison Hess

Published on 5/25/2021

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In this episode, David Harse, vice president and general manager, consumer engagement, Cerner, is joined by Allison Hess, vice president, health innovations, Geisinger, for a conversation around wellness and addressing inequities in healthcare.

Notable quotes

“When we think of well-being, we think of the whole health of the person. It's about making health easier and bringing care closer to home.” – Allison Hess

“We’ve learned a lot through this journey of COVID-19, and we were able to leverage technology and innovative solutions to help us think about delivering care and managing operations differently.” – Allison Hess

Listen to Allison answer these questions:

  • What does well-being mean to Geisinger, and how did the health system begin its journey to prioritizing wellness? (1:20)
  • How has Geisinger leveraged data to improve patient outcomes? (3:40)
  • How has Geisinger responded to COVID-19, and what initiatives will the organization retain post-pandemic? (5:15)
  • What outcomes has Geisinger seen with its current well-being programs, and what are the measures for success? (9:05)
  • What’s Geisinger’s future strategy around addressing social determinants of health? (12:43)

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