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How advance care planning is improving patient-centered outcomes at Intermountain Healthcare

by Dominic Moore, MD | Hannah Luetke-Stahlman

Published on 2/9/2021

In this episode, Hannah Luetke-Stahlman, general manager of social care and business leader for Cerner’s collaboration with Vynca, the largest digital advance care planning company in the U.S., has a conversation with Dominic Moore, MD. Dr. Moore is a pediatric palliative care physician with University of Utah Health and medical director of palliative care for Intermountain Healthcare. 

Notable quotes

“Any person in any state of health should be thinking about what they want to do and what best care looks like if they become very sick.” – Dr. Dominic Moore

“When we started using Vynca, I would say to my colleagues, it feels like magic … It’s never been easier for us to look at the advance care planning of one of our patients, and we’ve never been as confident as we are now that the documentation in the medical record is complete and correct.” – Dr. Dominic Moore

Tune in to hear Dr. Moore answer these questions:

  • What’s advance care planning, and how does documentation play a role in this process? (1:32)
  • How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed advance care planning? (5:49)
  • What’s the role of technology in improving both the access and completion of advance care planning documents, as well as shifting the culture at Intermountain around advance care planning conversations? (9:00)
  • What’s some helpful advice for other clinical providers and health care organizations looking to improve their advance care planning efforts? (13:14)
  • How can patients start to have these difficult conversations around advance care planning with their loved ones? (18:25)

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