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Ep. 166: How an open EHR advances AI and machine learning in health care | Listen time: 19:43

Published on 2/4/2020

In this episode, we talk to Jean-Claude Saghbini, chief technology officer for the health division of Wolters Kluwer. Jean-Claude answers these questions:

• What kinds of health care problems are artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning helping clinicians solve today?

• How does being open in health IT accelerate the successful use of machine learning and AI?

• How are clinical support solutions, that leverage machine learning algorithms, working hand-in-hand with the EHR to improve care quality and outcomes?

• What’s the potential impact that AI and machine learning tools can have on the patient-provider relationship and the quality and cost of health care?

• What should the industry be doing today to prepare health systems, providers and patients for a future where the use of AI and machine learning will continue to increase?

Hear the full podcast below, and click here for previous episodes of "Perspectives on Health and Tech."

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