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How COVID-19 changed consumerism and how healthcare organizations can adapt

How COVID-19 impacted consumerism and how healthcare organizations can adapt

The impact that COVID-19 has had on consumerism and insights for moving forward.

by Sue Martin | Rick Gundling

Published on 5/24/2022
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Even before the COVID-19 global pandemic, consumers were asking providers for more autonomy and convenience with their healthcare. Given the pandemic, there has been a subsequent boost in healthcare consumerism, pushing patients to adopt the patient engagement technologies at a much faster rate. In this episode, Sue Martin, vice president, financial alignment at Cerner, and Rick Gundling, senior vice president, professional practice at HFMA, discuss the impact that COVID-19 has had on consumerism.

Notable quotes

"The first step to a good healthcare experience is not having a bad healthcare experience. Acknowledge consumer's concerns, address their anxieties about paying bills, commit to price transparency, refer patients to their health plans to get out of pocket costs, etc." – Rick Gundling

"It's not just about getting a provider — it's about staying connected. You have to manage the health journey and show that the real importance is a focus on health. Consumers will expect it and healthcare providers need to provide that." – Sue Martin

Tune in to hear Sue and Rick discuss:

  • How the rapid increase in consumerism has impacted the healthcare industry (1:39)

  • The largest behavioral differences between pre-pandemic patient behavior and today, and healthcare organizations’ reactions to the change in patient behavior (3:25)

  • Helpful strategies that healthcare organizations can leverage to empower and support patients as they navigate a changing landscape (8:26)

  • Industry insight into consumer expectations moving forward (13:49)

Additional resources:

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