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How diverse community-based hospitals are a lifeline to saving clinical research

by John Potthoff | Scott Rogers | Christy Dueck

Published on 2/18/2021

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In this episode, Christy Dueck, vice president and general manager of research, Cerner, leads a conversation with John Potthoff, CEO, Elligo Health Research, and Scott Rogers, director of innovation, CoxHealth, around how diverse community-based hospitals are a lifeline to saving clinical research and can help increase patient trust and reduce disparities.

Notable Quotes

“We need to reduce the burden we currently place on both physicians and patients to have the same infrastructure and technology that a big life science company would have. Having a fully enabled solution is a win-win opportunity for life science companies, physicians and patients.” – John Potthoff

“COVID-19 treatments and vaccines have been developed at warp speed with access to lots of patients that make up a diverse, representative sample of our health care system. With better access, connectivity and partnerships with physicians and health systems around the country to conduct clinical trials, there’s no reason why we can’t warp speed all therapies to patients.” – John Potthoff

“To do the right thing for our patients and communities, we need to increase access to studies and clinical trials in our region. Partnering with Elligo and being part of the Cerner Learning Health Network allows us to do that.” – Scott Rogers

“To grow and save research, you really have to rely on a lot of those provider-patient relationships that are built in a community and that will help engage more people in research and move it forward, faster." – Scott Rogers

Listen to John and Scott answer these questions:

  • What is Elligo and what value does it provide to patients and providers? (2:04)
  • Why does clinical research need to be saved? (4:30)
  • How does CoxHealth approach clinical research? (7:06)
  • What is the role of diversity and patient trust in advancing clinical research? (9:41)
  • How can we bring together community-based hospitals and life science companies to perform better clinical research? (12:55)
  • What steps can community-based hospitals take to implement quality clinical research? (17:34)
  • What does success around clinical research look like a year from now? (21:30)

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