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Ep. 141: How do we get more women in health care leadership? │ listen time: 17:09

Published on 8/27/2019

On this episode, Andrea Hendricks, Cerner’s global leader for diversity and inclusion strategy, talks to Wendy Doyle, president and CEO of the Women’s Foundation, an organization that promotes equity and opportunities for women of all ages.

Wendy answers these questions:

  • How far have we come in achieving equity and equality, and what are some of the most pressing issues that still need to be addressed?
  • How can philanthropy, research and policy boost the number of women C-suite leaders in health care?
  • What’s the difference between mentorship and sponsorship? Why are these relationships important?
  • How can health care organizations better facilitate mentorship/sponsorship opportunities to support women in the workplace and build a pipeline that encourages more girls to pursue careers in medicine and technology?
  • What’s the tangible value that health care organizations receive when they invest in the success of women?
  • What’s a time in your career when you felt empowered by a program, policy or person in the workplace? How did this experience inform your thoughts on what organizations can do to better support women in their careers
  • What call to action would you like to give to our audience as we continue to move forward in improving equity and equality for women in the workplace?

.Listen to the full podcast below, and click here for previous episodes of "Perspectives on Health and Tech."

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