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Ep. 145: How nurses in Canada use the essential clinical dataset to simplify admission documentation │ listen time: 10:58

Published on 9/24/2019

"After implementing the ECD, we saw the time to complete the admission history form reduced from 7 minutes and 50 seconds to 4 minutes and 4 seconds. Expanding that over the course of a year, we’ve given nurses back 1,200 hours."

Samantha Stockand, informaticist, Vancouver Island Health Authority

On this episode, Sonia Pagliaroli, chief nursing officer for Cerner Canada, talks to Samantha Stockand, an informaticist at Vancouver Island Health Authority in British Columbia, Canada. Samantha answers these questions:

  • Why did Island Health decide to implement the essential clinical dataset (ECD)?
  • How did Island Health streamline its admission documentation, and what are some factors that made the project successful?
  • How did you prepare for measuring project outcomes?
  • What results has Island Health achieved since the ECD implementation?
  • What’s next for Island Health as it continues to use the ECD?

Listen to the full podcast below, and click here for previous episodes of "Perspectives on Health and Tech."

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