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Podcast 221: How post-pandemic ambulatory strategies can help enhance patient-centered care

How post-pandemic ambulatory strategies can help enhance patient-centered care

by Casey Sansale

Published on 6/16/2021

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In this episode, we’re joined by Casey Sansale, senior director & product integration executive, Cerner, for a conversation around the future of ambulatory care and how organizations can optimize their outpatient efforts.

Notable quotes

“Making healthcare approachable is the fundamental challenge that we have as we digitize. Putting the patient at the center of all we do is likely the most prominent area of ambulatory growth.” – Casey Sansale

“This decade is going to define the intersection of healthcare and technology.” – Casey Sansale

“The pandemic is a catalytic change agent for healthcare and technology. It’s fundamentally going to be the thing that propels us forward.” – Casey Sansale

“The pandemic highlighted the importance of technology for rapidly solving problems.” – Casey Sansale

Tune in to hear Casey answer these questions:

  • What was happening in the ambulatory space before COVID-19, and how has the pandemic influenced those trends? (1:11)
    • Policy (1:28)
    • Defining decade (2:22)
    • Systemness (4:34)
    • Big tech, retail and insurance, direct care operators & startups (5:21)
    • Joint ventures (6:25)
    • Regulatory payment reform (7:52)
    • Venues of care (9:01)
    • Expanded care team (10:06)
    • Better together (10:26)
  • What are the driving factors of ambulatory care post-pandemic? (11:39)
    • Provider/Payer/Patient interdependence (12:06)
    • Rebalancing the care team (13:01)
    • Hyperspecialization (14:00)
    • Gravity of data (16:05)
    • Precision medicine (16:37)
    • Real-world evidence & data activation (17:22)
    • Social medicine & U.S. healthcare (17:48)
  • How has the rise in consumerism impacted ambulatory care strategies? (18:55)
    • Convenience & access (21:05)
    • Workforce health (21:26)
    • Communications (22:08)
    • Social determinants of health (22:35)
    • Data liquidity (22:53)
  • What's top of mind for organizations that are focused on ambulatory as an area for growth? (24:04)
    • Direct patient care activities (24:39)
    • Clinician & staff wellness (25:19)
    • Digitizing the enterprise (26:54)
    • Enterprise-wide analytics (27:43)
    • Patient experience (28:05)

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