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Interoperability – the evolution and direction of shared care

Local governance, scalability, and policy discussion at European Collaboration Forum

by Oracle Cerner

Published on 7/28/2022
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In this episode – recorded at Oracle Cerner European Collaboration Forum 2022 – speakers from the UK, Canada, and Qatar consider where we currently are with the long-running challenge of interoperability and what we need to do to in the future to help achieve its key goals.


  • Lyn Baluyot, Vice President and Chief Transformation Officer, TransForm Shared Service Organization, Canada

  • Gavin Cater, director, European Public Sector Consulting, Oracle Cerner, UK, host

  • Tim Donohoe, director of delivery and assurance, NHS England, UK

  • Graham King, chief information officer, Great North Care Record, UK

  • Nasseer Masoodi, chair, CIS Optimization, Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar

Notable quotes

It’s about bringing authentic stories to the front line so people can understand the purpose, rationale and benefits. – Graham King

While we are on this interoperable journey, at every level of the stakeholder, we have to figure out what is a value for them and highlight it, and people will embark on it. – Nasseer Masoodi
What we’ve observed is where there are mature local governance arrangements, then record sharing progresses much more quickly… getting all those people to talk together and to make decisions effectively is absolutely fundamental to the success of any record-sharing initiative. – Tim Donohoe
Where we’re going to gain the value is from having the smaller agencies participate. So the question is, where is the funding going to come from and how do we support those smaller agencies who typically have much smaller staff… trying to participate in this large-scale transformation type work? – Lyn Baluyot

Here are the interoperability topics they discuss:

  • Who are the stakeholders and what are your experiences of engaging them? (2:23)

  • We’re not just talking about implementing something, but sustaining and evolving it over time. Are you seeing the same sort of principles – the need for consistency in governance but also local governance that works? (9:59)

  • Where are we seeing standards and policies really helping? Are there opportunities as we look to scale from a policy perspective? (17:57)

  • Thinking of scalability, looking forward, are there fundamental things that we must not miss? From your experiences, was there any parts of your journey where you realized that was the part where we really moved the meter on value? (22:50)