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Introducing the #CHC18 Social Media Influencers

Published on 10/3/2018

For more than 30 years, CHC has brought the most innovative industry professionals together in Kansas City, Missouri, to network, explore and engage with one another. This year, we have selected some of the most engaged health care providers, industry partners and Cerner associates to extend the conference experience to audiences across the globe.

These individuals use Twitter and other social networks to uniquely engage with their audiences year-round. Meet the #CHC18 Social Media Influencers, learn what “Smarter Care” means to them and follow them to stay up-to-date on the conference throughout next week.                    

1.    Dr. Jigar Patel - @JSPatelMD

Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Cerner

It’s fitting that we start this list with Dr. Jigar Patel, as #CHC18 kicks off with the Cerner Physician Community meeting (CPC). At the center of it all, expect to find Dr. Patel driving conversation with physicians and industry professionals. To him, smarter care is about using people, processes and technologies to achieve better clinical, quality, safety and financial metrics. Dr. Patel uses Twitter to stay informed, connected and engaged.


2.    Russ Branzell - @CHIMECEO

President and CEO, College of Healthcare Information Management Executives

A cybersecurity advocate and a leading voice in health IT, Russ Branzell oversees College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME). Key among CHIME’s many responsibilities: helping health care organizations deal with cyber threats and better protect patient data and information systems. Russ will be speakingat the #CHC18 Executive Program on Tuesday, which will bring together a room of Cerner executives, clients and industry thought leaders to discuss the role of IT in the future of health care.


3.    Emil Peters - @310emil

Senior Vice President and President, Cerner Global

This year, Cerner will welcome more than 450 clients, including many from outside the United States, to Kansas City for CHC. As president of Cerner Global, Emil Peters is intimately involved in Cerner’s growing footprint in markets throughout the U.K., Europe and the Middle East with a unique focus on engagement, value and growth for our clients.


4.    David Chou - @dchou1107

CIO, Children's Mercy Kansas City

As digital disruption changes the way we think about technology and reshapes the way we provide care, you can count on David Chou to be tweeting about it. A champion for disruptive technologies and leadership strategies that improve the clinical experience for physicians and patients alike, David’s feed addresses everything digital.


5.    Meg Marshall - @MegMarshallHIT

Senior Director and Government Strategist, Cerner

As one of Cerner’s resident experts on health IT policy and governmental affairs, count on Meg Marshall to shed light on the role of politics on the health care industry. From the shifting regulatory landscape within the United States to the government’s role in advancing interoperability, Meg is a consistent source for valuable insights on the future direction of the business of health and care.


6.    Dr. Paul Fu - @puhfu

Director of Clinical Informatics and Director of Pediatric Hospital Medicine, Harbor-UCLA

From CPC to the Cerner Bash, Dr. Paul Fu was one of the most prolific Twitter presences at CHC17. Don’t expect that to change at this year’s conference. Be sure to follow him throughout CHC, as Dr. Fu is particularly adept at delivering informative and entertaining insights from conference sessions.


7.    Jitin Asnaani - @jitin

Executive Director, CommonWell Health Alliance

Jitin Asnaani is one of the leading voices in the industrywide push for interoperability, promoting the seamless exchange of shared data among health systems and devices. In health care, the fight for interoperability reached a milestone with the founding of CommonWell Health Alliance and Jitin’s subsequent appointment as executive director in 2013. Since then, he has been a strong advocate for collaboration among providers and innovators in health care in that hopes that health data follows the individual, regardless of where care is provided.


8.    Kashif Rathore - @k_rathore

Vice President, Interoperability, Cerner

Speaking of interoperability, there’s hardly a bigger advocate for health data access and personal health data ownership than Kashif Rathore. Kashif has been integral in continuing Cerner's vision of creating industry-wide access to patient health information. To him, smarter care means improving data access at appropriate venues, which is critical to improving clinical outcomes.


9.    Tate Gilchrist - @tategilchrist

Director, Business Development, Open Platform, Cerner

Tate Gilchrist’s leadership supports Cerner’s Open Developer Experience, or code. This program enables third-party app developers to innovate in health care thanks, in part, to standards-based APIs built on SMART on FHIR. By opening up Cerner’s health system ecosystem, Tate’s team gives developers the ability to create mobile apps and other data-consuming applications that can improve outcomes and enhance the user experience for Cerner clients.


10. Dr. Dermot O'Riordan - @dermotor

Surgeon, Chief Clinical Information Officer, West Suffolk NHS

Before his work as a consultant surgeon at West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, Dr. Dermot O’Riordan worked as medical director and interim chief executive officer. Today, Dr. O’Riordan serves as chief clinical information officer and collaborates with Cerner on West Suffolk NHS’s e-Care integrated electronic health record project, which promotes the exchange of health information within the system.


11.    Geoff Segal - @geoffsegal

Vice President and Regional General Manager, Cerner U.K.

Since joining Cerner in 2006, Geoff Segal has led teams working on projects within the U.K., as well Ireland, Spain, France and Germany. Today, Geoff is oversees Cerner’s U.K. office and focuses on engaging with and developing client relationships while managing more than 500 U.K.-based associates, who serve 22 NHS trust partners across the country.


12.    Michelle Rathman - @MRBImpact

Rural Health Strategy and Influencer, Impact! Communications

Since founding Impact! Communications in 1989, Michelle Rathman’s work has made her an invaluable voice among rural health advocates. Michelle’s deep-seated experience and tireless efforts to improve the health care experience for rural populations have helped countless critical access and rural health systems, hospitals, clinics and practices to improve their communication strategies.


13.    Durenda Juergensen - @DJuergensen1  

Director, CNO, Health System Operations, Cerner

As part of Cerner’s Health System Operations team, Durenda Juergensen works to improve the patient journey in an effort to improve organizational efficiency and provide a positive patient experience. She does this by empowering care teams to use data in a way that drives business decisions, informs process improvement strategies and ultimately impacts value in the eyes of the consumer.


14.    Dr. Emily Webber - @pedshospdoc

CMIO, Riley Children's Health & Associate CMIO, IU Health

As a pediatric hospitalist and CMIO at Riley Hospital for Children, Dr. Emily Webber works to enable health IT solutions that promote patient safety and improve the overall quality of care within the Indiana University Health System. She also serves as an associate CMIO for IU Health, where she focuses on patient empowerment through technology.


15.    Nate Kelly - @nate_kelly1

Sr. Director, Hospital Operations, Cerner

Approaching his 13th CHC as a Cerner associate, Nate Kelly is looking forward to reconnecting with clients and partners and learning how they’re leveraging predictive intelligence inside workflows and processes. To him, smarter care means leveraging artificial intelligence and decision support guide behaviors that can ensure the best clinical, operational and financial outcomes for patients and organizations alike.


16.    Micky Tripathi - @mickytripathi1

President and CEO, Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative

Micky Tripathi is a nationally recognized leader in health information technology and has served as president and CEO of the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative since 2005. His technical background and extensive experience in implementing electronic health records (EHRs), health information exchanges (HIEs) and other health IT solutions have helped health care networks, physician practices, health IT organizations and government organizations across the United States.


17.    Eva Karp - @eva__L_Karp

Senior Vice President, Chief Clinical and Patient Safety Officer, Cerner

Eva Karp is a passionate and outspoken advocate for technologies that improve the experience of caregivers and patients alike. At #CHC18, Eva is looking forward to connecting with clients and working to support clinical reasoning and decision-making that advance patient safety. Eva’s team focuses on advancing care coordination, nursing documentation and clinical workflows that promote personalized care delivery.


18.    Dr. Colin Banas - @colinbanas_VCU

CMIO, VCU Health System Authority

Dr. Banas has been at Virginia Commonwealth University since 2002, and has served as the system’s CMIO since 2010. In addition to this, Dr. Banas is an associate professor at VCU. With more than 750 physicians in 200 specialties throughout the system, his leadership and innovative use of mobile technology has helped VCU promote interoperability and telemedicine initiatives. Dr. Banas was recently named the 2018 Physician Executive Leader of the Year by HIMSS and AMDIS.


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