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Lights On Network: 10 Years of Transforming Data Into Action

Published on 11/3/2016

The Lights On Network will share more insight during its session at Cerner’s annual health care conference on Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 12:30pm. Cerner Health Conference is scheduled for Nov. 14-17, in Kansas City, Missouri.
For the past ten years, Lights On Network®, Cerner’s industry-leading advanced EMR analytics solution, has offered organizations an unparalleled level of knowledge-driven analysis designed to help them get the most from their electronic health record.

Provided free-of-charge as part of an ongoing commitment to Cerner clients and the improvement of health care in communities around the world, Lights On offers a unique presentation of key organizational information in an easy to understand, yet comprehensive format. View near real-time information designed to help organizations collect, interpret and use data to make educated decisions about delivering patient care.

“Lights On is very exciting because with the data it provides we can set goals, meet those goals and know that we are really impacting care,” says Cynthia Mensendick, chief nursing information officer for Genesis Health System.

Using data obtained via Lights On, Cerner shares knowledge across our clients and uses the power of the network to make every client better. Hundreds of clients are already using Lights On to continuously monitor and optimize solutions to best fit their needs. A network of 11,000 unique users and counting more than 30 countries use the network each and every day.

Throughout Lights On, clients find key information about their system’s performance and user experience, along with actionable recommendations based on their data, including:

  • Performance: Monitor system performance including metrics detailing software, hardware and database performance.
  • Adoption: Gain insight into how providers are using  electronic medical records.
  • Configuration: Identify configuration changes and compare client systems to recommended best practices to maintain optimal performance and user experience.
  • Efficiency: Assess where clinicians are spending their time in the chart to identify opportunities to optimize productivity.

Over the past decade, Lights On has grown by more than 70 new key innovations, covering essential topics such as user experience, system performance, solution adoption, and clinical efficiency. To date, Lights On has more than 300 metrics available and monitors more than two million Cerner Millennium users each day. While Lights On is proud to celebrate 10 years of transforming data into knowledge and action, the primary focus is on the future.

“Cerner builds some of the most innovative applications and solutions the industry has to offer,” says Murtaza Gadit, Director of the Lights On Network. “Looking into the future, Lights On has to show the measureable value that our clients achieve every day using Cerner, so they can deliver the best health care possible to their patients and communities.”

To learn more about how organizations can benefit from the Lights On Network, visit their session on Tuesday at CHC, or check out the Lights On Network self-study in uLearn. For additional questions contact the Lights On Network team at