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Ep. 194: Managing public health with technology and data | Listen time: 16:39

by Grant Johnson | Bob Harmon, MD | James Ross, MPH

Published on 10/2/2020

In this episode, Grant Johnson, one of the executives responsible for managing state and local government strategy at Cerner, leads a discussion around how electronic health records (EHRs) and other dynamic innovations can support and further bolster public health efforts.

Grant is joined by Bob Harmon, MD, a senior physician executive at Cerner who specializes in public health and preventive medicine, and James Ross, MPH, senior government strategist and business developer at Cerner.

Listen to Dr. Harmon and James answer these questions:

  • As the world battles COVID-19, what role do third party suppliers, like Cerner, play in the public health space?
  • When a state or municipal health organization is evaluating suppliers and solutions to help manage its public health needs, what are some key considerations?
  • What‘s the role of data and analytics in helping the industry address the rising public health demands for clinicians and patients?
  • What functionality should an EHR have to help public health agencies as new vaccines or medicines become available in their communities?
  • How do suppliers work with public health agencies to facilitate data transfer and interoperability when exchanging data with immunization registries?

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