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Mental health caregivers group discussion

Modernizing behavioral health records to create better care

Alleviating caregiver burden, connecting patients to resources

by Travis Dalton | Danny Gladden, MBA, LCSW

Published on 10/10/2022
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  • Travis Dalton, General Manager, Oracle Health

  • Danny Gladden, MBA, LCSW, Director of Behavioral Health and Social Care, Oracle Health

Episode summary:

During the pandemic and social and economic unrest of the last few years, there was a dramatic increase in demand for mental health services. Stigma had already been on the decline, and now, available mental health services are on the rise.

Some patients are now seeking treatment for the first time, while others are continuing decades-long treatment with better coordinated services. Many don’t travel this journey alone. The help their family, friends, and caregivers provide is critical—for some, a caregiver’s records have provided the only continuity of care.

Travis Dalton, general manager of Oracle Health, and Danny Gladden, director of behavioral health for Oracle Health, talk about their personal experiences in this area and how Oracle Cerner and Oracle Health can work together with health systems and clinics to alleviate the administrative burdens of caregivers to provide better care for behavioral health patients.

Hear them discuss:

  • How do you think the last few years have changed how the general public talks about mental health and wellness? (3:30)

  • Why is mental health and well-being a personal driver for you? Can you share more about your experience being a caregiver? (7:11) 

  • Recently, it’s been estimated that 70% of behavioral health records are still on paper. And many patients don’t have a personal advocate to help them keep track of their records and treatment plans. What are some of the biggest challenges that are still being addressed in behavioral health? (12:55)

  • What are some ways health care systems and providers can help alleviate the burden for mental health caregivers and patients? (17:45)