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Ep. 201: One year later: Fighting COVID-19 in Asia | Listen time: 27:22

by Jason Tee, M.D. | Colin Fincham, M.D. | Matthew Pickett

Published on 12/8/2020

The first cases of COVID-19 in Asia, detected in Wuhan, China, were reported to the World Health Organization Dec. 31, 2019. In this episode, Cerner global leaders Matthew Pickett and Colin Fincham, M.D., are joined by Jason Tee, M.D., Cerner Malaysia, to discuss Asia's nearly yearlong effort to tackle COVID-19. 

Tune in to hear Dr. Tee answer these questions:

  • What’s happening in Malaysia around COVID-19?
  • How have Asian countries, such as the Philippines and Indonesia, dealt with the dual challenges of COVID-19 and natural disasters?
  • What factors have helped countries like Japan, South Korea and Taiwan successfully manage the spread of COVID-19?
  • How has technology helped with flattening the curve, contact tracing, testing, and even treating COVID-19 patients in Asia?

Listen to the podcast below, and click here for previous episodes of "Perspectives on Health and Tech

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