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Perspectives podcast staff picks of 2022

A roundup of memorable conversations

by Oracle Cerner

Published on 12/14/2022

We had a lot of great conversations on the podcast this year. Following every episode, our staff regularly reflects on how privileged we are to collaborate with our guests and share these stories with you. If you haven’t caught up yet, we hope you’ll take the time to listen to several great episodes we recorded in 2022. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Mental health caregivers group discussion

Listen to the episode: Modernizing behavioral health records to create better care

Oracle Health’s Travis Dalton and Danny Gladden share personal experiences with behavioral health caregiving and the need to ease the burden for both patients and caregivers.

From our staff:

“One of the most candid and compassionate conversations we had on the podcast all year. It’s an inside look at why so many of us are personally invested in improving healthcare.”

overhead view of doctors and nurses collaborating

Listen: Change management for healthcare leaders

Oracle Health’s Johnny Luu and Stephanie Trunzo on change management, live in the podcast booth at Oracle Cerner Health Conference (OCHC).

“If you are a leader in any capacity, Stephanie’s people-first perspective will make you pause and consider how you can manage change in a way that is more holistic and honors the experience of your staff without sacrificing forward momentum.”

male patient wearing military tags talks to a care provider

Listen: Increasing interoperability to connect care for Veterans and service members

Also recorded in the podcast booth at OCHC, veteran Amanda Cournoyer, interoperability director of EHRMIO at Veterans Affairs, joined Oracle Health’s Sam Lambson.

“She had just shared her personal story in a live session at OCHC and her teammate didn’t even know the details, so we were honored she trusted us to share her story on the podcast. Her drive to connect care with other Veterans comes from the way others cared for her when she needed it most.”


Listen: Creating culturally inclusive food security programs

Join the One World Food Pantry team at University Health as they share their journey.

“In many ways it’s a really beautiful picture of how we can care for one another and value our differences—you can hear the appreciation in their voices as they share what they learned from each other and their patients.”

Man in glasses discusses a chart with a female doctor in a casual office setting

Listen: Focusing on suicide prevention

Oracle Health’s Danny Gladden and suicide prevention expert Caitlin Thompson, MD, talk about the new national crisis line.

“It was one of the more difficult episodes to edit—if there ever was an episode I thought could save someone’s life, this is it.”