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Ep. 154: Providing a lifetime of seamless health care for Service members and Veterans | listen time: 16:27

Published on 11/11/2019

In this episode, Mark Mellott of Cerner Government Services has a conversation with two combat Veterans who are members of the Cerner Government Advisory Board: retired United States Army Col. Greg Gadson and Dr. James Peake, retired lieutenant general and former Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA).

They answer these questions:

  • What's it like to transition from active duty to civilian life and seek care through VA and the private sector?
  • How will an integrated health record help Service members and Veterans receive better care throughout their lifetime?
  • How will an integrated military and Veteran health record help alleviate the confusion that can happen when shuffling across different venues of care?
  • How does information that’s gathered at the point of injury in combat impact a Service member’s journey of treatment and care? Can employing new technology at this first point of care help improve the process?
  • What advice would you share with Veterans in the Pacific Northwest who will experience the first go-lives for the VA Electronic Health Record Modernization program next year?

Listen to the full podcast below, and click here for previous episodes of "Perspectives on Health and Tech."

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