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Ep. 187: Revolutionizing COVID-19 research | Listen time: 35:00

by Ann Marie Navar, MD, PhD | Eric Peterson, MD, MPH

Published on 9/1/2020

In this episode, we share an American Medical Informatics Association teleconference featuring Ann Marie Navar, MD, Ph.D., associate professor of medicine, Duke Clinical Research Institute and Duke University School of Medicine. She's joined by Eric Peterson, MD, MPH, distinguished professor of medicine, Duke Clinical Research Institute. Dr. Navar and Dr. Peterson are strategic advisors for Cerner.

Tune in to hear Dr. Navar and Dr. Peterson present an overview of the efforts Cerner has taken to promote EHR data sharing to support COVID-19 research. They also describe their work to build an EHR-enabled Learning Health Network to streamline clinical research conducted across multiple institutions. 

Listen to the full podcast below, and click here for previous episodes of "Perspectives on Health and Tech."

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