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Supporting digital innovation in children’s healthcare

by Lu de Souza, MD | Dr. Jessica Herstek

Published on 8/12/2021

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In this episode, Jessica Herstek, MD, chief medical informatics officer, Children’s National Hospital, joins Lu de Souza, MD, vice president & chief medical officer, Cerner, for a conversation around funding disparities in children’s health innovation. Learn about the unique relationship between Children’s National Hospital and the Bear Institute, which enables the health system to pursue a multifaceted approach to innovation — including a new pediatric accelerator challenge that invites start-ups, student teams, pediatric providers and administrators to collaborate on creative solutions aimed to help close the innovation gap in children’s digital health.

Notable quotes

“It falls on us as pediatricians, and everyone working in health IT, to advocate for and focus on the needs of children.” – Jessica Herstek, MD

“You can't expect the same medicine, technology or algorithms designed for an adult to work in the same way for a child, so it's important that we support technology companies on initiatives specific to kids.” – Jessica Herstek, MD

“Organizations can help address the disparities in pediatric innovation by continuing to focus on collaboration, advocating through regional and national groups and conducting high quality research in health IT.” – Jessica Herstek, MD

Tune in to hear Dr. Herstek answer these questions:

  • What drew you to healthcare IT, and what motivates you most about this field? (1:33)
  • What’s the RoundAbout app, and how was it developed? (2:52)
  • Why is it difficult to get funding to develop apps for pediatric healthcare? (5:41)
  • What’s the mission of the Bear Institute Pediatric Accelerator Challenge for Kids (PACK)? (7:27)
  • What might the future of digital pediatric care look like, and how can health organizations address the current innovation disparities? (10:19)

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