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Dr. Charles Jaffe on Barriers and Trends in Interoperability

Published on 2/20/2017

Dr. Charles Jaffe, CEO of HL7 and 38-year veteran of the health care IT industry, discusses the biggest barrier in interoperability today and the trends he's seeing across the industry on The Cerner Podcast.

In this episode, Dr. Jaffe answers five questions:

  • In your perspective, what is the most important thing happening in interoperability today?
  • How has the emergence of FHIR effected HL7? How is HL7 evolving to better support the community?
  • There was an HL7 FHIR app roundtable in Boston last year, and it is occurring again this year. What trends are you seeing?
  • What do you think are the biggest barriers to interoperability today?
  • There is a lot of buzz about the Meaningful Use 3 API that all providers will be required to have by 2018. It looks like a number of EHRs, including Cerner, will be using FHIR as their open API. How do you see the law impacting the patient?

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