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Steve Rushing Discusses Health Care's Triple Aim

Published on 3/22/2017

It's called the Triple Aim in health care. Improving the patient experience, improving the health of populations and reducing the cost of health care. To execute the triple aim, organizations need transparent and comprehensive interoperability between systems, platform, applications and devices.

Steve Rushing is senior strategic adviser for Health Extension Services, ei2, a health care innovation initiative at Georgia Tech. Steve joined The Cerner Podcast to discuss how the education, research and commercialization of developing solutions that aid in the exchange of health information can support the Triple Aim.

In this episode, Steve answers these five questions:

  • What areas of innovation do you see as being the most impactful in the area of interoperability, and how is Georgia Tech Innovation Institute supporting that innovation?
  • What type of partnerships does Georgia Tech see as valuable and what assets are those partners bringing to innovative projects?
  • How do you view the promise of open standards such as FHIR, and how has Georgia Tech cultivated their own work with open standards in recent years?
  • What are some of the key challenges in leveraging open standards that will need to be overcome, if we are to be collectively successful?
  • What message would you have to early stage HIT companies who are looking to make the largest impact, as it relates to interoperability?

Listen to Steve's full episode below, or click here to view all episodes of The Cerner Podcast!