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The Top 5 Cerner Podcasts You Might Have Missed

Published on 7/5/2017

Even though we’re in the business, we’re in awe of how constant change is in the world of health care technology. Big, exciting things are happening every day in this industry – and sometimes, it can be difficult to wade through the river of news to find the insights.

The Cerner Podcast is designed to deliver thoughts, observations and wisdom from some of the leading voices in HIT today. All podcasts are under 20 minutes – just enough time for your morning coffee run, or the actual treadmill run you’re taking over the lunch hour. In this blog, we’ve rounded up our five most popular podcasts so that you can keep up on what’s important.

Dr. Brian Jones on the Ins and Outs of the Military Health System

Ever wondered what the military health care system looks like from the inside? Dr. Brian Jones, user integration branch chief with the U.S Defense Health Agency, walks through what it was like for military leadership to make design decisions on and implement MHS GENESIS, an electronic health record system for the armed forces.

“Something a lot of folks don't know is that our primary mission – the reason that we have a military health system – is to ensure that we have a medically ready force to deploy anywhere in the world, essentially at a moment's notice.”

Deanna Wise Considers the Benefits and Concerns of Cloud Computing

Data hosting has been common in health care for many years, but when it comes to the cloud, there’s some hesitation. Deanna Wise is the executive vice president and chief information officer at Dignity Health, a California-based nonprofit organization that recently transitioned to a secure, digital, cloud-based storage system for its patient information. In this episode, she details why she led her organization down that path and what cloud computing could mean for the future of health care.

“[Cloud computing is about] patient-centered care, so that we can create an environment and a digital home for our patients.”

Janice Young on Provider-Payer Convergence

Among the changes in the health care industry is the blurring of roles between provider and payer organizations. Janice Young, the director of Chilmark Research, describes this as both an interesting initiative and a disruptive activity – the likes of which the industry hasn’t seen since the 1970s. In this episode, she discusses that rising trend and others, as well as what HIT leadership should look for as this trend evolves.

“We're in an experimental environment from the business and technology side, and how that plays out will be an interesting thing for us all to watch evolve over the next decade."

Col. Margaret Carey on the Recent MHS GENESIS Go-Live

When MHS GENESIS was launched, it was the Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, Washington that had perhaps the most cause to celebrate – the ambulatory clinics there are the first to receive the new EHR technology. In this episode, Col. Margaret Carey, the commander of the 92nd Medical Group at Fairchild Air Force Base, discusses the progress she’s seen with MHS GENESIS among clinicians, as well as the swelling popularity of the new patient portal.

“[The clinical level is] where all the hard work is done, face to face with the patient, and if you're worried about your computer system, it takes you away from being worried about the patient.”

Dr. Roy Schoenberg on the Impact of Telehealth

When 70 percent of consumers prefer an online video visit with their doctor than to visit the doctor’s office in person, what does that suggest for where the health care industry is headed? Marketplace demands and consumer behavior patterns have long suggested a growing emphasis on telehealth. Dr. Roy Schoenberg, president and CEO of American Well, asserts that telehealth has become an undeniable and legitimate path for care delivery.

“We've seen an evolution of understanding. If you can deliver care via technology, you're going to rewrite the way care is delivered. We're seeing growing diversity in terms of the types of services that telehealth is covering.”

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